Ryan Jobe and Xander Huggins for Special Events Heads 2011-2012!

Hello All,

So this group is just set up to make everyone aware that Ryan Jobe and I (Xander Huggins) are running for Special Events Heads of Port Perry High School for the upcoming school year. The purpose of the website is to basically give people an understanding of what we plan to do if you guys are so kind to vote for sure :)

Ryan and I are both extremely involved in the school environment. One or both of us have been involved in: French Immersion Classes, Gifted Classes, music groups (including grade 9 band, Intermediate Wind Ensemble, Peapods), sport teams such as: volleyball, basketball, badminton, and ping pong!, we have international experience, and we have both been involved in other student leadership groups (Camp Committee and Music Council).

It is clear that Ryan and I are involved throughout the school like no other candidate paring. We are constantly in contact with every single demographic in the school, and this assures that our events that we would plan would be catered to every single person in the school, not just one group like past Heads, and fellow candidates.

You may be wondering why should I vote for you two, and not other candidates? Do not get me wrong, the other candidates have good ideas, and high hopes, as do we, but what they do not have is experience. The other groups running are all in grade 9 or 10, and although they are very spirited, it is difficult to learn how to do everything at the same time that you are being expected to perform at a high level. Ryan and I have collectively 5 years of students council leadership experience, where we have played large roles in the production of many awesome events at the High School. There would be no learning cure for us, and all events that we will plan to happen would be executed perfectly. Theres nothing worse than having a great idea and then not being able to execute it, and that is what we can GUARANTEE will not happen with us.

Finally, we want to make a point that we are NOT running for the fame of becoming Special Events Heads. We are running solely because we want to create an incredible 2011-2012 school year for you all, and we feel that we are the best qualified to do so.

We are not running in this election to implement Ryan and my ideal year; we ARE running in this election to implement YOUR ideal year, and that's exactly what we will do.

We are VERY open to suggestion, so give either Ryan or MYSELF an inbox of any absolutely sweet event that you would like to see happen, and we will make it happen.

Thank You All for Reading,

Xander Huggins and Ryan Jobe