Certified na taga University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao ka kung....

Welcome to the "Certified na taga University of Saint Louis ka kung..." page.

This page is exclusive for alumni, students, professors, administrators and employees of the University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao (formerly Ateneo de Tuguegarao or Saint Louis College).

It is the primordial thrust of this page to promote camaraderie amongst the members of the USLT community as everyone endeavors to travel back to the memory lane and to communicate with friends here and abroad.

Members are free to post "anything" related to USLT provided that they will abide by the norms of fairness, honesty, good faith and edicts of Catholicism. Members are prohibited from posting statuses and comments that are devoid of Louisian ethics such as posts with pornographic content, posts to incite hate against any person or entities or similar posts that are meant to lambaste, irritate or ridicule others. Such posts will be removed without further notice. Erring members will be removed and banned permanently.

Advertisements or announcements may be posted for as long as it is USLT related. Other advertisements may also be posted provided that prior consultation to the administrator is made and approval is granted.

Enjoy browsing.

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