Neighborhood watch

Our primary focus is on home security and preventing crime. Our objective is to promote the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor, we are all members of the community coming together to take responsibility for keeping an eye on each other's property and livelihood, in effect reducing desire -ability- opportunity to commit crime. Local policing efforts are often stretched too thin for routine patrols and must rely on the active participation of community residents for crime prevention. We act as an extra set of "eyes and ears" looking out for each other.

• Better equipped than the general population to remove or reduce the opportunity for crime.
• Alerts the criminal that the neighborhood is concerned about crime and willing to intervene.
• Warns criminals that they are likely to be observed and reported to the police.

• Report suspicious activity immediately to the police
• Report all crimes to the police.
• Learn what's normal in your neighborhood.
• Encourage others to participate.
• Obtain full descriptions and license numbers of suspicious people and their vehicles and report immediately to the police.

• Don't take the law into your own hands.
• Don't approach suspicious people.
• Don't stop criminals committing crimes.
• Don't take unnecessary risks to obtain information on suspicious people or crimes.
• Don't hesitate to call police.