Healthy Food Ideas

This group welcomes everyone who likes healthy food, whether it's making it, creating recipes or simply eating it:) I am a fitness instructor with a background in Psychology, and if I won't manage it in this life - in next one I would like to be a nutritionist:) I like holistic approach that says a healthy soul lives in a healthy body, and I know very well that GOOD FOOD is one of the major factors for our bodies and souls to be healthy and happy. In this space I share what I know and what I think about healthy nutrition, and I welcome everyone to share their knowledge and ideas too. I am also a member of a Juice Plus+ team in Wales and I am very enthusiastic about it, cause their approach and the way they value fruits, vegetables and other whole foods is right on my street:) Thank you for joining this group and look out for more halthy lifestyle ideas on FB page Complete Health & Energy - Powered by Juice Plus+

P.S. please don't just repost useful links about healthy lifestyle, personalize them! we all know how to use Google...:) what we really want to know if you share info is how these healthy food ideas that you found on-line affected you personally and what you did with them in your kitchen:) cheers!x

P.P.S feel free to take yourself off the group if you think this ideas sharing space is not for you:)