Geneseo General Assembly

This group will be used as a platform for those wishing to participate in the Geneseo General Assembly or voice their opinions who may be unavailable to physically attend. We hope that this space can be utilized and flourish as a hub of information and conversation. Thank you for your involvement!

The Geneseo General Assembly meets every Wednesday at 2:30pm and every Friday at 4:00pm. It is a non-violent movement that uses a consensus based, non-hierarchical discussion and decision making process. We have all chosen to use this process because it is an efficient way to ensure that all of our voices are heard.

We are here to educate and reinforce one another on the issues we as a society face, and to devise direct courses of action that makes our presence known not just to our community, but to our government and to those in power that have stripped us of our liberty for too long.

We are confident that we, as citizens of Geneseo, will be able to make an impact in our society and work towards re-asserting our voice in our government and institutions.