Massachusetts Genealogy Network

This group is for genealogical purposes only. If you are not interested in your Family History, this is not the group for you to join. All members are screened to eliminate fake profiles and spammers.

********GROUP RULES*********

First and foremost; this is NOT an ADOPTION GROUP. DO NOT POST CURRENT ADOPTIONS, if you have an historical adoption it must be a minimum of 75 years ago. Do not share viral posts of people looking for birth parents. They will be removed.

*Please do not ask for research of living individuals BY NAME, long lost family members, childhood friends or old military buddies. If you are looking for family connections, please state that you are looking for "connections or descendants of".

*This is NOT a personal bulletin board. Do not advertise your personal products OR services that you profit from. This include authored books, paid genealogical services, or links to websites you own that you profit from. No affiliate links allowed (links that pay the owner for visits).

*Do not attack, verbally assault or threaten another member. Violators will be immediately removed and banned from the group. Be courteous to others with different opinions. Agree to disagree and move on to the next post.

*No political propaganda, moral or religious postings of any kind.

These rules are strictly enforced, the groups are monitored hourly and if anyone repeatedly violates the rules, their posts will be removed and the person posting will be banned WITHOUT notice.

If you find a post that violates the rules or is questionable please use the report feature (click the down arrow to the right of the posters name, a drop down menu will give an option to 'report to admin'). Same instructions apply to a spam post.

Should you have concerns or issues with other members, or do not understand these rules, please contact an admin: Shanna Owen, Teresa Reynolds Mathews, George Gagne, Kari Weis, Kathleen Coleman Steele or Linda O'Donnell

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Thank you, Group Admin