Agincourt CI Music

Welcome to the Agincourt Music facebook page!

Agincourt Music is the award-winning music program at Agincourt CI in Scarborough. This group is for all the present and future students of Agincourt's Music Department; Vocal, Strings, Band, Guitar, MIDI or Jazz. You are all welcome here.

This facebook group is a great way for people inside our department to communicate about upcoming events, concerts, fundraising or anything music! The facebook group is a resource, so please use and do not abuse it. Do not post anything related to other clubs and councils at A.C.I., this group is for music and solely music. Such posts will be deleted immediately.

You can check us out on , or you can follow the Agincourt Music Blog at . The blog is a great resource for us, there are updates straight from the music teachers with all the information you need, so please follow the blog!! You can also check out current and past performances on our CHORAL music YouTube Channel at
Also follow us on TWITTER @agincourtmusic

Note: Profanity, YOLO, spamming, put downs and others of the sort will not be tolerated on this page.

Your Agincourt Music Council Executives