Kailua Kids

You might be from Kailua if...

...you remember Andy's Drive-In, the Kailua Drive-In Theater, and the old open-air McDonald's.

...you've seen the fountain at Triangle Park bubbled over with dish suds--maybe more than once.

...you caught the 6:35 am 85 Express bus to Punahou or Maryknoll.

...Marines stationed at Kaneohe started hitting you (or your sister) when you were 13.

...you've been night swimming at the Kailua pool.

...you watched the Fourth of July Parade down Kainalu Drive, and the fireworks display from the beach, more times than you can count.

...you remember a time long before Pier One would have dreamed of putting a store in humble downtown Kailua.

...when you say "Kailua," you mean "Kailua;" not "Kailua-Kona."

...you can name all eight public elementary schools in Kailua, even if you never attended one.

...you remember when the Kalapawai Market was featured on the Snapple commercial (and you were secretly a little hometown proud).

...at least one friend or family member has/had an "I Love Kailua" bumper sticker on his/her car (and you were a little annoyed that the next town over copied us with "I Love Kaneohe" stickers).

...no matter how long you've been away on the mainland, nothing feels like home quite like the sand squishing beneath your toes at Kailua (or Castle or Lanikai) Beach.