You know you work at Wal-mart when you:

This is for everybody that works or worked at walmart. Go ahead and tell me other things to add to this list. We can let everybody know what really goes on in wal-mart!!!

Secretly want to wait for a customer to walk by before you throw the swinging doors open that go to the trash compactor.

Sign in on the register just to see what time it is (mostly lawn and garden guys)

Get asked where stuff is when you’re not even working

Know what days Lonnie closes

Know the secret to how returns really work at the end of the night

Use your discount card every time you check out just in case

Have ever been ripped off by the pop/vending machines in the back

Your idea of supper is a cup of popcorn chicken and some kind of sauce

Get excited when there are donuts in the break room, even if they are old

Have had the pleasure of being a door greeter….HA

Have been yelled at by a customer for something that you have no control over at all

Have smiled at the yelling customer but deep down you are thinking of what you really would like to say

Have chased birds around Lawn and Garden on a Scissor Lift with a rake

Put a dead goldfish in with the Oscars for entertainment

Have been told “it says can I help you” by a customer standing behind you wanting help

Know by the way a guy looks at you while he’s searching for something that he wants help but doesn’t want to admit it

Have seen an old person drive right into something on the little carts and keep on truckin’

Want to drive a cart around the store just once

Have ever said "Forget it, I'm not walking clear across the parking lot in this weather" and parked close to the doors

Have ever thought, even once, about how fun it would be to have a customer your age run after you catch them stealing and have a legitimate reason to tackle them

Empty your pockets after you get home and find that they are full of price changes and other random things from work

You walk into Wal-Mart and your friends that are working ask if you're on break or what time you're clocking in for the day