This is an open group for all students of Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) - Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose of the group is to promote discussion and interaction between current, future and past students.

This group is NOT officially endorsed, administered or monitored by KTH or the student union (THS). The admins are volunteers who do NOT represent KTH or THS.

The group language is ENGLISH. Swedish is also accepted. We don't want to exclude anyone, but it's impossible to moderate content we can't read. You can post in other languages as long as you provide an accurate translation.

The following are NOT allowed:

1) advertisements - students advertising to students are OK, but no commercial messages of any kind.
2) surveys or polls - UNLESS related to a specific course at KTH; the course code must be included in the message.
3) spamming, repeating or "bumping" posts - we already saw it the first time, thanks!
4) hate speech, political or religious propaganda, sexually explicit content - you know what I mean, we're not having it.

Posts in violation of above will be deleted. Users in severe or repeated violation of the above will be banned.

The official pages of KTH: http://www.kth.se/ https://www.facebook.com/KTH
The official pages of THS: http://ths.kth.se/ https://www.facebook.com/TekniskaHogskolansStudentkar