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The Oxford University German Society is one of the oldest student-run societies, dating back to the first decade of the 20th century, when it was founded as the “Hanover Club”.

Ever since then, the German Society has attracted not only Germans, but we pride ourselves on being a hub for a wide diversity of Oxford students interested in the German culture, language, traditions as well as business and politics. Nevertheless, the growing number of German students at Oxford, forming today the second-largest contingent of non-British students, has also increased membership of the society, which now counts a few hundred members. However, all events are also open to non-members and, thus, continue to attract large numbers.

In order to cater for the variety of tastes and interests represented by our members, the variety of events we offer is very wide, ranging from movie nights (screening some of the most popular German movies), parties, formal dinners and other informal socials to trips to London and Cambridge to meet the German Societies from these “other places”. Moreover, the German Society is proud to host a large number of speaker events, inviting many leading politicians, scientists, authors, business people, academics and many other interesting guests from the German-speaking world or with some relevant connection to it. Some of our past speakers included:

- Dr. Edmund Stoiber, former minister-president of Bavaria, explained the Euro-crsis from a European viewpoint
- Claudia Roth, head of the German Green Party
- Kai Diekman, editor-in-chief of the “BILD-Zeitung” (the biggest German Newspaper), spoke about the success of his newspaper and their plans for the future
- Martin Walser, Germany’s most controversial writer and philosopher

Overall, we are a non-partisan society aiming at providing a pleasant and open-minded atmosphere where a wide variety of views can be expressed and discussed. No matter whether you are a German citizen or simply interested in German culture and language, we are sure that you will find our events enjoyable and interesting!

If there are any comments or ideas you have regarding the Society’s events and social life or this website, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you in person at one of our next events.

Find out more about us at http://www.oxford-germansoc.co.uk/

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