Karina Elle's Fit Model Fitness Challenge

I’m Karina Elle, your trainer for the 15 Day Fit Model Fitness C...hallenge. I’m a fitness model, a wellness coach, and a trainer, and I can’t wait to help you get fit and build confidence over the next 15 days.
Hi Fit Models!! I have been really impressed so far with the positivity in this group but the as the group continues to grow we will need some guidelines! Please keep these in mind, and remember to have fun!!
These communities are a tool to help you meet your goals and make connections with others. Also to be inspired and motivated to help reach your fitness goals. Please keep you comments inline with the purpose of this community and let’s have fun!
Myself, as well as the rest of my team will be closely monitoring this group in order to maintain a safe and encouraging environment.
1. This page is a POSITIVE community. This means that we don't tear each other down or criticize. We are here to uplift and support one another no matter how much weight has been lost!
2. This page is NOT the place to leave product complaints or SHIPPING questions! If you have a complaint about a product or your order, please email Kenzie @ kmunson@idealshape.com or send me a private message. I will help you, I promise!
3. This page is a safe place to post pictures and testimonials. We ask that you post tasteful pictures, covering all areas that a swimsuit would cover. Absolutely NO nudity! We will never repost something without your permission and sharing others posts is prohibited, it shows up in their feed for all their friends to see.
4. This page is NOT the place to promote or sell other products, workout programs, or conduct comparisons. If you are wondering about another brand that is a competitor of IdealFit products, you will need to do your own research outside of this group. If you have questions about IdealShape products and how other IdealShapers are using them, that is fine, except medical questions or complaints. Any questions about add ins, blenders, recipes, etc. are obviously fine. Remember, this is an IdealFit community, if the conversation is about another brand or exercise program you will be banned. This is to insure our members are safe from solicitors! Other brands prey on our members and we will not tolerate it!
5. If anyone has issues or sees anything they feel is inappropriate, please report it and we will review it.
6. No asking for or posting coupons, as we distribute codes on a case by case basis.
7. Do not try to resell your IdealFit products to others in this community. If you are unhappy with your IdealFit products please call customer service about the money back guarantee on the products. 1-800-515-0896. This is for the safety of everyone.
8. NO Profanity.
*Rules are subject to change according to need.