Spring Hill, Florida


1) All advertisements will be deleted. Exceptions may be made for charities and charity events. Continued violations will result in a permanent ban from the group. Advertise your business elsewhere please.

2) Please refer to http://tampa.craigslist.org/hdo/ or http://www.ebay.com/ for selling personal items.

3) Unless you are a 501(c) organization, please do not post asking for money. This is not the place. In this day and age, many are in need, but this is not the place to post it as we will end up with endless spam asking for money if we allow it. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

4) No posts that are simply memes. These posts will be deleted.

5) Keep all posts relevant to Spring Hill, FL.


This group is for anyone who has the words "four corners" forever ingrained into their vocabulary.

Current or former residents --it really doesn't matter. We're all united under one traumatic geographic experience: Spring Hill, FL.