model railroading

For all model railroaders out there who want to respectfully share their thoughts and advice.
1) Keep all post clean and free of anything you wouldn’t want a child to see. We have young people in here and we need to set the example.

2) All post must be about model railroading or something that influences model railroading. Please no politics, spam, or random things that clog up the group feed and have nothing to do with the hobby. If you have that feeling, should I really post this, feel free to ask an admin for advice.

3) Prototype photos are acceptable in this group but please keep them related to model railroading and how they are influencing you on your own project or to help others match a prototype. Excessive prototypes from individuals clogging the news feed will be addressed and politely asked to please not post for a period of time.

4) This is not a bash session if you feel you been scammed, cheated, done wrong in anyway please talk to an admin and we will let you know the best way to handle it or pass along information on predators on Facebook. Posting conversation and any personal information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) will result in you being banned from the group. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

6) This is not a place to buy and sell stuff. Although we allow it from time to time but here is the thing you are buying stuff over the internet and a lot of it is sold as is. Recommendation I have is ask for a video of it, skype him to watch it run on his layout, do something that will allow you to see the product you are receiving. Its just like at a hobby shop do you leave without watching it hit the test track at the dealer? No because you dont want junk. So avoid the drama and do yourself a favor and understand what your buying and either continue to buy from this person or move on to another distributor.

7) Have fun and enjoy the World’s Greatest Hobby since the beginning of time. Participation is key and the more you participate the more fun this can be.