Smith County, Mississippi Buy, Sell, Or Trade

Welcome to Smith county buy, sell, or trade the rules or guidelines are as follows.
No post containing weight loss supliments, no commercial post for large businesses, no post multiple back to back items please create an album the to refresh your post locate it in the page an simply type anything in the comment box an it will revert back to the top. Their will be from this post forward no more Animals of any kind sold or traded on this page. Every post must contain at least the town closest to you for location, description of item, an price, contact info is at your descreation. All violators caught by admin are left to the admins judgment, repeat offenders are to be banned from the page for good. The admins are Allen Emanuel, Al Lott, Adam stewart, Craig Lowry ,Jeanne Stewart, and Mary Westbrook. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause , but to have order to this page their must be rules. All people joining must be from Mississippi.