You know you went to DeForest High School if...

1. You can use the word Norski in everyday conversation.
2. You couldn't get a parking spot because of tractors on "Bring your tractor to school day."
3. You remember the class of 2004's giant styrofoam penis.
4. Mr. Ives ever called you by a term of endearment.
5. It pissed you off that they wouldn't open up the courtyard...ever.
6. You remember the first major thing caught on the surveillance cameras.
7. You remember the reason we got surveillance cameras in the first place.
8. You ever stuck something in the doors by the circle drive so you could go to your car and re-enter the building.
9. You used your cell phone in the gym locker rooms.
10. You did buttkickers in gym class.
11. You remember the final day of your phy ed career, and you spent it at Rudes Lanes.
12. You ever hung out at Rudes Lanes on a Friday night.
13. You remember senior privileges slowly diminishing into nothing.
14. You cheered when Jan Berg finished her speech at your graduation, and if her microphone messed up or her speech got cut short, you cheered even louder.
15. You ever hung out at Pick N Save or Schultz's.
16. It seemed Mrs. Tisch was pregnant every year.
17. For those class of 2005 or older, you remember the school being in complete chaos due to construction, and you remember seeing "Hard Hat Zone" signs everywhere.
18. You know who the "Phantom of the Auditorium" was.
19. You were ever called to Mr. Nicholson's office after third hour.
20. You had your grade go down 50% and then up 80% in the same day in Mrs. Ihlenfeld's class.
21. You experienced a senior play full of Will Ferrell skits.
22. You had a teacher who was related to one of your classmates.
23. You took Potterology.
24. You remember Ms. Pharo's STD lab in ChemCom the week before prom.
25. You remember being told that 1 in 4 people at DeForest had an STD.
26. You ever walked to Mobil during finals to get food.
27. You bought donuts, bagels, or muffins from the Korner Store during study hall.
28. You always felt obligated to talk to Mrs. Heineger when you saw her outside of school.
29. Mrs. Meixner ever gave you a sticker.
30. You learned a Hmong swear word from Ms. Yang.
31. You always read to see who the "Chris Of The Month" was in The Norski Chronicle.
32. You loved watching girls' basketball, and went to see the Lady Norskies at state.
33. You know the hand claps/snaps to the "Norski beat".
34. You had to walk out of the auditorium and be filmed for your senior video.
35. You watched, and got scared, at a few of the morph pictures of your friends on the senior video.
36. Meier intimidated you.
37. You went to Perkins or Culvers after a school event.
38. If you know who Jerry is and what his "green tea" actually was.
39. You know more about cats than you ever thought you would when you had Ms. Breezee for Am. Lit.
40. Thursday will forever equal vocab day. (THURSDAY AWFULS!)
41. Senior skip day meant not walking across the stage for graduation.
42. A snow day meant getting up early to uncover your car and STILL go to school.
43. One of the most commonly worn t-shirts said "I Heart Coasting".
44. You know the significance of "Snail", "BOOB", and "La Familia".
45. Classes 2005-2008: You remember the tornado warning in the spring of 2005, and having to sit in the hallway for 2 class periods until the "all clear" was given.
46. You either hated or loved the knitting trend that McClain brought to the students.
47. Class of 2004: You were chased into a corn field for an entire night only to be arrested later for toilet papering the school.
48. You have made a pig cutting board.
49. Band caecums meant something
50. You remember Mr. Grover as an amazing person ("Go Norskies and have a great day!")
51. Class of 2006: You remember blocking off the senior parking lot to have a cook out the day of graduation rehearsal.
52. Dori, the manager of culvers, recognized you and your friends.
53. You ever got trampled in "the intersection."
54. Class of 2006, two words: beach balls.
55. You've had a stare down with Mr. Olson.
56. You totally forgot being taught psychology by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
57. You know who "T-Money" and "P-Jiggy" are. (If you don't...think about it.)
58. You've heard Mr. Simpson's green golf ball joke.
59. You've been called "Schmoopie" by Ms. Breezee.
60. You've gotten an "A" in Computer Concepts. (RIP)
61. You've sat through one of Mr. Kvalheim's classes where the topic of the day was "Don't that just piss ya off?"
62. Class of 2006 and above: You have to make an effort to get the announcements.
63. You know who Rusty the narcoleptic dog is, and you thought it was mildy amusing...the first three times.
64. You've accidentally killed Leroy in Driver's ed.
65. Nazi-ball was the preferred sport of the day.
66. Ms. Breezee ever called you Munchkins.
67. 2003- When Mr. August threw an algebra book down
the hall way.