ISU Motorcycle Club

"It's not what you ride, it's that you ride."
As long as you've got two wheels and a motor, you're in!
We are NOT just a sport bike club. We want everyone to be involved and want to be a voice for all motorcyclists on campus and Iowa.

Feel free to come to one of weekly group rides, alternating every Thursday and Friday at 5:30 at East Hy-Vee Gas, to meet the members of the club and find out what ISUMC is all about!

Becoming a member is easy, simply request to join our student organization page, and submit a waiver.

You can turn in your club dues which are $15 per semester for students and faculty and $20 for non-students. You will then receive your official ISUMC membership card which can be used to reap the benefits of being a member of the ISUMC.

Club benefits include:
1. Access to shop supplies which include:
- Tire changer/balancer
- Carb/throttle body synchronizer
- Chain cutter/riveter
- Motorcycle stands
2. Discounted Parts
3. Connections with local dealerships
4. Discounted travel/motorcycle hauling with club
5. Discounted entry fees when attending club events
6. Discounted club merchandise
7. Participation in stunt nights
8. Advice and technical experience from club members

If you change one tire per year that you are a member you will have already have saved enough money to have paid your dues plus a little extra. Why not join and enjoy all of the other benefits of being a part of one of the few University-recognized motorcycle clubs in America.