Streams In The Desert

THIS IS WHAT THIS GROUP IS ABOUT ,PLEASE READ AND REMEMBER WE ARE FAMILY IN YHVH,any comments that are not as YHVH would have us share will be removed by the admin team,myself lainie and bro Yaakov sis Pamala
Do you have questions about what is Torah?
Who are these people who have given up traditional holidays and speak of Feasts?
Why the Sabbath, isn't any day okay to honor God?
What about the name is really necessary and if so, why all the different pronunciations? what??

*We are part of the Family of the Most High, being brought together in these last hours.
*If you are curious, have questions that you think are silly or may come across as just plain are NOT alone.
*If you are afraid of looking like you know nothing about scriptures, or don't speak Hebrew, let alone understand are NOT alone.
*If you are afraid of debates, been exposed to harsh words or attitudes and have been looking for a place to relax, grow in
our Heavenly Fathers ways and build relationships with family without being treated like you do not are NOT alone.
*Is there some place I can go and just share my questions or concerns or just read about these strange new things..GUESS WHAT? you are NOT alone.

So just a few rules to follow when making posts..easy ones.

1. Be nice
2. Ask questions
3. Share
4. Study - Study - Study (this is not church, we don't feed you what is on the plate today and tell you the meal is over..we offer appetizers..enough to make you hungry but then, you will have to work at getting your fill. That comes from study of the word and prayer and if you are just coming for desert, you will fill up quickly but it won't be nourishing. This holds true for each of us, study is a must..repeat "STUDY IS A MUST"
5. And again, be nice..remember that we are all important and loved immeasurably by our Father. He wishes that NONE should perish and that is where we stand.

May we all be blessed as we come together to learn, to love and to Honor Our KING.
Group opened 25/july 2013