Eagle Springs Neighborhood Classifieds

Starting January 2015, I will be implementing the one month time frame for how long an item can remain on the classified page. You can delete items and repost them again to keep them current. Older posts/items seem to be forgotten as time goes by, so hopefully this will alleviate that problem. I CAN"T SAY IT ENOUGH, PLEASE DELETE ITEMS ONCE THEY HAVE SOLD. Thank you!!

This is a classified page group for residents of Eagle Springs to buy/sell used items. Regarding requests to join the group: If your Facebook profile doesn't show you live in Atascocita or does not have a location, you WILL NOT be approved. You can send the Admin an email to confirm you are in the Eagle Springs area and get approved.

If you have any questions about how to do something, send me a PM and I will try to help you! If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know!! Also, a group has been created for people to give good or bad experiences dealing with buyers and sellers in the HKA area. Feel free to join and leave any experience you have had or just search a name before buying/selling from someone. https://www.facebook.com/groups/807918125913125/

In order to keep this a safe and orderly group, here are the rules that will need to be followed:

1) All posts must include PRICE, PHOTOS (no stock photos), DESCRIPTION, LOCATION and if CROSS POSTED (if item posted to another classified page). Posts missing required information will be deleted automatically without prior notification. If posting multiple photos, add information to individual photo(s) also. WHY? Commenting on a photo will create its own post, but will not have the information with it. If your item has NOT SOLD, you can BUMP it to the top by typing 'Still available' in the comment section. DO NOT REPOST ITEMS. If your item has SOLD, please delete it immediately.

2) Be courteous and respectful to all members of the group. No foul language!

3) If you have sold an item, remove the posting by clicking the "x" in the right hand corner of your post. Nothing is worse than seeing something you love only to find out it is sold!

4) You are buying and selling at your own risk.

5) To ‘tag’ a person that you have commented on their post, type the person’s name and you will see a drop down menu of names to choose from. Find the correct person and click on it, it will then highlight their name in your post alerting them.

6) This is not the place to buy or sell animals. ALL animal posts will be deleted without notice.

7) This page is for selling unwanted items. No business posts allowed or links to business pages. You can add ONE picture to the business album. No bringing your business post to the "wall" or "bumping" is allowed.

-NO WEAPONS (guns, knives, nunchuks, etc.)
-IMMORAL MATERIAL (porn, adult toys, etc.)