For Sale in Sweet Home

This page is for items for sale in Sweet Home, it is also for services provided in Sweet Home. Feel free to post what you are in search of, whether it is an item, services or products! You may also advertise your local business! Please post about your local events as well! This page has also proven to be helpful when looking for or finding lost pets as well!
If you are from out of town and would like to post, you may, just please make it very clear in your post where you are from!

This part of the rules must be adhered to strictly in order for this page to run smoothly.

• You are allowed to post 10 items per day to the wall.
• You are allowed to bump those 10 items every 72 hours, unless you have permission from admin for a special event or because of possible expiration. Please do not bump more than 10 items at a time. If you have an album, feel free to bump your album to the page, but only every 72 hours.
• There will be a MONTHLY clean up. So if you don't want to lose your posted items every month, it is strongly suggested they go into an album.
• When your items sell, please remove them promptly from the page or tag me in the comment section so I can delete for you.
• Do not remove your post and then add it back so that it is at the top of the page.
• No bidding.
• Be honest about the condition of your item. Selling of broken or items that do not work as advertised will be grounds for removal from the site!
• Respectfulness is the number one rule. Please do not post drama, issues with another member, or rude remarks to the wall. They will be automatically deleted, with a warning. Second warning, is permanent removal from the page. Please do not harass any member of the page; this includes text messages, private messaging or phone calls. Do not comment under another person’s post and say you can find it cheaper, better, etc. If you don't want it, don't comment. If you show interest, please follow up as soon as you can. Sellers are not forced to hold items.
• If you say you're going to meet, make every effort to show up. Someone else’s time is as important as yours. Understandably things come up or people forget, but please make every effort to make contact with the buyer or seller to make other arrangements.
• DO NOT try to sell anything illegal, including burned copies of DVD'S OR CD'S!