I've been to 2 Clarence Avenue and possibly got very pissed

The legend of 2 Clarence Avenue was first born by Gibraltar's very own Richard Buttigieg back at the dawn of time. Legend has it that Richard used his stellar smile to seduce the Land Lady and eminent Pakistani business tycoon and jack-of-all-trades Nazir Malik, convincing them that letting this great institution to a miriad of personalities in their own right was the best idea since Romans were bored and decided that feeding christians to lions was bloody good entertainment.

Throughout the years, many have come and gone through the front door of 2 Clarence Avenue, people from all walks of life. Each leave with their own memory of No.2 - and legend also has it that a bit of their soul stays behind in the house, helping fill it with a character and love unsurpassed even by the Pyramids in Giza or the very majesty of Granada's Alhambra Palace.

The landscape garden is lovingly maintained now by Chris Allan, who derives his farming nature from time spent in the wilds of Norfolk. If you are lucky, on some days, our very own BBQ chef Jamie Allan will treat you to a plate of meat lovingly prepared on barbarques mounted on the variety of broken household appliances in the garden that form the very finest modern art exhibition.

Inside the house, you can bathe under an example of stainless steel's finest pipes, the craftmanship and welding matched only by the Koreans of New Malden or sit in the living room, styled as a homage to 1970s. The disco ball has long since gone but on a Friday night, you can often find hearty discussions, drinks, dances and the spirit of all who have set foot partying til the wee hours of the morn.

Other facilities in the Avenue include a state of the art fitness suite where generations have sculpted bodies worthy of Venice Beach in LA or Catalan Bay Village (?). Every now and then you can join the living room abs classes hosted by the never-ending cheer of Karyn Barnett.

Amongst the former residents of the Avenue included the tremendously efficient Mr Shaun Zammitt (Shauny Boy as he was affectionately known). The soothsayers spoke that the day Shaunsy left the Avenue, the house would cease to be, however, 6 months on, bar a hole in the roof, it is stands proud on the corner of The Triangle. If lucky, you will get to meet the oldest resident of Clarence Avenue, Mr Kieran Reyes, who will regale you with stories of past lives, legal enterprise and reasons why Catalan Bay is indeed a village, unparalled by any in the world.

A green environment with global warming as a high topic of discussion in the world's society, Clarence Avenue's debates are no different. A green family, recycling is high on the agenda of the 'family'. Led by Monica Duran, when walking past on a Saturday morning, the Avenue's front garden is often a miriad of glass bottles, plastic cups, plates and soft drink bottles and other various items associated with the good times that can be found stacked outside ready for the green patrol to pick up. The Saturday morning clean up has often been followed by an English Breakfast cooked by our very own breakfast chef Aline Duran, who can scramble any eggs put in front of her. Mushrooms are possibly picked fresh from the botanical garden, but this fact cannot be verified as we are usually to hung over to care following the night before's drinking til the wee hours, usually accompanied by Anthony Ladislaus on guitar and Kieran on vocals singing 'Ana' by Mana. Live music is a regular at the Avenue.

It was once said that the day the Gibraltarians leave 2 Clarence Avenue, Coombe Convenience Store will close down due to a tremendous loss of profit margin - largely produced by sale of candy mushrooms and beer. This rumour has yet to be vindicated however, one day this might be so.

Once you've been to 2 Clarence Avenue, you will never forget.

Those who have never been - there is time to put things right - you are truely missing out.

The Avenue is pleased to announce the opening of a new 'gourmet' kitchen facility featuring our brand new state of the art 'Sola Grill' bringing a grilling capability unmatched anywhere this side of New Malden. Residents and visitors alike can now enjoy the option of a grilled meal meaning that healthy eating at No.2 has been given a boost. If that's not to your liking, perhaps you would like to join in what we at the Avenue like to call 'Le notti di Pizza e vino italiane', a night of the finest home made pizzas cooked in our 'Gyro-Flow Oven' by Anthony, the Avenue's resident pizza chef perfectly accompanied with the finest vintage of Il Faggotti red wine.

Together with the gourmet kitchen, we are also proud to announce brand new showering facilities at our 'relaxation suite'. There you can enjoy a shower in the morning sun bathing under a shower head while looking out to the botanical garden. The removal of the 'african' approach shower stream system was mourned by visitors but this innovation has meant that the RAC is now considering giving the Avenue a half star rating as a guest-house/ hostel.

In today's global climate, the threat of Nuclear/Chemical/Biological Warfare ("NBC") is all too real. Despite the end of the Cold War over 15 years ago, more and more countries are developing NBC weapons of Mass Destruction that they are not afraid to use.

This threat, despite being minimal in nature, is taken very seriously at the Avenue. In order to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors alike, there are NBC Warefare courses held readily. In the 'pictures' section of this group you will see Mr Jonathan Felices modelling one of the NBC suits.