The Biggest Ever Jewish Group On Facebook.

Thank you for joining the ever-growing ‘Biggest Jewish Group on Facebook’!

This group was set up to help spread the word about events and world events / stories that are beneficial and educational. Please help your friends and us by spreading the word. Jewish friends only…!

If you are NOT JEWISH, then we kindly ask that you please leave the group.

Whilst we appreciate the variety of posts that have been posted in the past, we would like to remind you that each post creates a Facebook notification and too many notifications create noise for each Facebook user, resulting in people turning off the notifications and thus destroying the benefit of the group. Please be respectful of the wall and if you have something that you would like to post please ask one of the admins to do so on your behalf.

However, if it is not deemed to comply with the aforementioned then we reserve the right not to post it. Events will only be posted on behalf of verifiable Jewish organizations and events companies who put on events for the Jewish community.

Requirements for this group are as follows:

✔You must be fluent in English as this is the official language of the group.

✔ You must be Jewish (born to a Jewish Mother / you must be converted or on the face of regular conversion / be Jewish by nature and wanting to be an active member of the Jewish community if born to a Jewish Father).

✔ Be clear, honest and polite.

✔ It is forbidden to use aggressive or vulgar language in this group or speak ill of others and spread gossip.

✔ If you have any issues with the group please address the administrators privately and not publicly air your issues towards the administrators or other members of the group.

✔We appreciate any recommendations and suggestions to improve the group and would respectfully ask that you address the administrators in private and not start discussions of this nature on the wall.

Enjoy the group, add your friends and lets share the love!

Doron, Ariel and Suzie