The idea of the page is to be an open forum to discuss the possibility of an Independent Scotland. We feel that the current issues and possibilities presented by the recent referendum are the most important things that we have ever had to consider in our lifetimes.

Please feel free to contribute, but make sure your conduct towards other users is civil and respectful at all times, and please make sure your posts add something to the debate: thoughts, opinions or perhaps even the occasional fact.

Examples of things you might want to post an Aye Mac:

- links to an interesting article or video you have found
- a thought-provoking paragraph or two about your reasons for voting the way you intend to
- a new and controversial angle on the debate that's just occurred to you
- News about an indyref event that's on the horizon

Examples of things which will get summarily deleted if posted here:

- Anything unpleasant or clearly disingenuous
- Uncommented banners shared from other groups
- Simplistic infographics to which you have added nothing of your own
- Polls
- Unsubstantiated claims of vote-rigging/alien intervention/David Icke Lizard Theory
- A song or poem you wrote to encourage the yes vote / stir the soul (no matter how excellent/righteous/funky it is)
- A saltire that you have badly photoshopped the word "Freedom" onto
- Anything that is in no way relevant to the forum.

All are welcome regardless of your voting intentions and please feel free to invite others to take part!