Grundy County Children's Items Resale

This Page is designed for Grundy County Area moms who are looking to buy and sell previously loved items for their children.

-make an album if posting pictures! Individual pics/posts are not allowed on this page! INDIVIDUAL POSTS WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING! no picture comments.
-1album per person, please make sure your name is in the title. INACTIVE ALBUMS NOT BUMPED WITHIN 2 WEEKS WILL BE DELETED! post items you are looking for under the appropriate picture in the "IN SEARCH OF ALBUM"
-You may 'bump' your album ONCE per day, along with 3 items in your album. BUMPING MORE THAN 3 PICS AND YOUR ALBUM MORE THAN ONCE A DAY WILL RESULT IN IT BEING DELETED WITHOUT WARNING!
-If you choose to post your items with a "words only" post, you are allowed only one such post!!
-this page is for CHILDREN'S items ONLY.... please post accordingly. (I have gotten several messages from people complaining of adult items being listed and cluttering the site. non-children's items will be deleted!)
-once your item sells PLEASE DELETE IT! If you cannot delete it for some reason please tag me in it or send me a message and I will delete it for you.
-If you make plans to pick up an item please do so! no shows will not be tolerated and will be deleted.
-If your not interested in purchasing an item please don't make a comment. You may not think you are being rude but people often times take things the wrong way, so why not avoid the situation to start with! :)
-please don't post the same item multiple times (if i can't find my post scrolling through my own news feed works often, as does searching my own name and/or key words in the post). if you post an item several times all listings will be deleted.
-if you have more than one item please post all pics of that item in a album. Otherwise it can be confusing to some and it makes it hard to see everything about an item you might want us to see.
-don't SELL any item that is illegal to sell.... ex: coupons are illegal to sell, however, if you are looking to give away coupons for baby/children's items please feel free!
-NO FORMULA SALES! A lot of people have been selling their formula they receive free every month from wic.
-this page is for GRUNDY COUNTY.... It doesn't matter if you live in grundy county, but you MUST be willing to MEET in grundy county!!
-if you have a problem contact me directly, through messages instead of posting on the page to cause drama. do not have a third party contact me. 99% OF THE TIME YOUR QUESTION WILL BE ANSWERED SIMPLY BY READING THESE RULES, SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO DO IT!
-no advertising!
-do not post links to outside pages, albums etc.... THE LINKS AND/OR YOU WILL BE DELETED!
-put a price on all items- (ex: dont list items as 'make an offer'). once you have a price on an item you may NOT raise that price! or allow people to 'bid' on your item