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"Why are my ads not reaching people?" 1. Don't blame the group size or anyone else. It's you. Check your ad. Is it all IN CAPS?? Turn the capslock off. Are you making any sense? Some ads feel like someone is shouting at the top of their lungs. Be personable. How would YOU like to be approached? 2. Your product is NOT the all-time best, nor will the world end if people don't buy it. Most of us read enough ads to know better. Don't treat your target market as a bunch of half-wits. Again, think of how YOU would like to be treated. 3. Finally, go see other ads and study them carefully. Advertising is an art form, even a science. To think that you don't have to study the business is the epitome of arrogance. See what works and what doesn't. 4. Quit being the following: Guru/Ninja/Coach/Teacher/Mentor/Genius. For every 1,000 that claim they are, 999 are lying to you and themselves. Face it: this is a tough business. You CAN succeed. Just quit doing what doesn't work. Be willing to make mistakes. Be willing to study and ask questions. Be willing to say "I don't know". I hope this helps. Thanks to the Admins. of this Group for allowing me to post this. If you want to contact me, please message me directly, at: