Faculty of Languages & Translation- PUA (Official Group)

Welcome to the Official Group of the English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Turkish Departments of the Faculty of Languages and Translation (PUA). It is created for academic purposes. Staff members and students can easily communicate with each other through this group.

Kindly note the following:

1. Only registered students are allowed to join this group, and they are expected to strictly adhere to the rules;

2. Any news or notifications (such as cancelling lectures) that are published elsewhere on Facebook are unreliable and considered the publisher's responsibility (not the Staff's);

3. Each student should use ONE Facebook profile that holds his/her REAL name (no nicknames);

4. Students are more than welcome to communicate with the staff through this group by using the FORMAL language of their Department (English, French, Spanish, Chinese or Turkish) to remind them of practising their first language whenever possible;

5. "Franco-Arab" and colloquial Arabic are not allowed.

Thank you.