Ketogenic Paleo/Primal Diet and Health

In this group we can talk about our ketogenic diet, what we eat, our life, our success, our problems, our health and ask questions. Discuss about coconut and coconut oil, its unique properties and the multiple ways to integrate it into your everyday life for better health.If you find some interesting links and news - please share! Photographs of what you eat and your recepies are wellcome too.

This group started out as a refuge for some friends from a former group with information about the health benefits of coconut oil in a ketogenic diet.

Paleo is just an other name for a grainfree, sugar free healty diet like our ancestors ate more than 10.000 years ago before the neolithic revolution and the start of agriculture.

Primal includes some healthy dairy products if they are well tolerated.

I changed the name of this group after a lot of new people started to join this group, partially b/c personally I can't tolerate coconut products any longer - they make my skin itch and causes digestive problems.

But health and a healthy ketogenic diet will always be the main point of this group.

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Added Thurday 09 October 2014 – By Admin: Fraser J. Smith.

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Some of us may not be aware that there is a drop down menu in the top right hand corner of each and every group post. Amongst which the menu contains the following:

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Given the amount of posts that I am having to remove, and also the return of further new posts from the same offending individuals, I have elected to permanently ban anyone making spam posts from today onwards.

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