Prayers for the Chumbler and Stratton families

John and Amy Chumbler are amazing parents with a 4 yr old little girl and a 4 weeks old little boy that passed away Saturday July 30. They are the kindest people you could ever meet they always try to do right by everything and everyone. They had a difficult time trying to have a second baby and finally were blessed to do so. After a long pregnancy John collin was born even though born early he was healthy enough to go home on time. Amy and John have done everything fortheir kids go to school and work they do it all. Amy was determined to BF and did all she could to. Only God knows the real reasoning in why He decided to bring Collin back home to him. Well never know wether he had pain and suffering in his future or it just was not the right time for him to be here. We can only pray that they can keep their faith strong and not give up hope. One day I hope if they still want which I know lively Amy wants a big family they will have the courage given to them by God to have another baby when the time is right. I wouldn't want this to make them afraid for the rest of their lives to continue with what they had already planned they can always love baby Collin and always will. God just help them see the light in these dark times please these wonderful people need happiness and love like no other.