Bibb County Yard Sale

This is an Alabama Group and is for the sale of all things with the exception of tobacco or alcohol. \n \n The Administrator is in no way responsible for the transactions that take place but if you have any problems please message me.\n \n \n -FIRST TO COMMENT not to say want is given 1st choice on an item and must be given at least 1 hr. to decided after each response from the seller. \n \n -NO PRIVATE MESSAGE SALES...Each person must comment on the post so that we can see who commented first. After you have commented on the post, you may at that time message the seller to ask a question, negotiate a price, set up a meeting, etc...\n \n -Drama WILL NOT be tolerated! If you cause drama you may be removed and banned without notice. DO NOT make a post about another member. If you have a problem try to work it out in private messages. If you are unable to work through the issue, please message me. I will try my best to resolve any issues as best I can. DO NOT put negative comments on a sellers post. If you do not like the condition. price ect. just keep scrolling. \n \n -Blocking...If you do not wish for another member to comment or see your post you may block them however if you block an admin. for any reason, you will be removed and banned. \n \n -Sellers please include a price, size, description, condition and location in your post. If an item has a stain, tear, defect etc...they must be included in the post. \n Please do not post more than 1 picture of each item. If you need additional pictures they must be listed in the comment section by clicking on the camera icon. If more than 1 picture is posted they may all be deleted. Also please bump your item instead of reposting. If you repost the item without removing the previous post, they may both be deleted. \n \n -Tagging..If a seller has an item listed that they know another member is looking for, they can tag that person in their post and this will hold their spot for 1 hr. A member tagging another member does not hold their place. \n \n -Buyers please do not comment on a post if you do not have funds to purchase an item. If you agree to purchase an item, be prepared to meet within 24-48 hrs. unless the post reads...need gone asap. If the post states asap be prepared to meet within an hr. or so to pick up the item.\n \n \n -Please view the post pinned at the top of the page for and additional rules. Also you will find not only rules but helpful information listed in the admin. album under the group photos\n \n -Thank you for joining and I hope you enjoy the group, Crystal Ryan\n