Japan Travel, Friendly Discussion Group

Are you:
Thinking about travelling around Japan? Someone with family/friends in Japan? Just wondering what it's like in Japan? Looking for info about Japan? Japanese? In love with Japan?
Well then, you've come to the right place. :)

皆さん、ようこそ!!日本語でもいいので気軽に参加してね! (^0^)/
The main language of the group is English, but posts in the Japanese language are welcome too. If you are willing and able, please do offer a little summary in English also. :-) We would respectfully ask that all posts contain either of these two languages.

Please keep the photos you add as being relevant to Japan. Avoid posting any that might be offensive or political. I will try to keep a good representative sample without too many shots of the same things. This will make it easier for people to flip through. - I.S.
Note that from time to time I will sort through the photographs and delete some to make sure there are not too many of the same thing or whatever. Don't post blurry shots or others of poor quality. Do not post too many photos. Limit yourself to just your 10 best shots. You can help by deleting some after they've been given a fair showing. The photo collection is about travel in Japan. Do not post anime or photos of other places. - I.S.


Anyone who wishes to advertise anything on our wall that has nothing to do with Japan, or travel in Japan.. I will have the pleasure of deleting them with out any notice. More than once, I will gladly ban you from this group. Please don't do it. Also, same goes to the people who wish to find a "partner". Please go to those appropriate singles groups. Not here...