Learn English together

Welcome . It is an English Practice group, you can share everything here but please obey the rules, let's have fun, practice English, expand our insight, and find new friends here!
Group's rules
→ 1. No Pornography
→ 2. No Spam, No Math, No Selfie, No Useless pictures (We will delete it)
→ 3. No Religion issue
→ 4. No Promoting your FB group
Required :
• Use English as much as possible
• Avoid using vulgar words to offend the others
• Respect each other because we are here from different Religions, Ethnics, Races, Ages, etc
• If your post is removed by admins, that means there is something wrong with your post
• Please report to the admin if you see any bad posts
If you have some friends who are interested in practicing English, you may invite them to join this group, the more friends we have the more interesting we find right here.
Thank you for always supporting this awesome group