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International Group - English language is recommended but Danish is also accepted .

This group is powered by www.ulise.dk witch is a gratis platform where all non-Danish speakers and not only can add their announce.
Post any ads on this page and in no time most of them will be published on the site, with better visibility and attractive format.

* Golden rule!
In order for your add to be seen on www.ulise.dk you must provide some contact details as email or phone nr at least once. You can write them in your post description or use the following form http://ulise.dk/en/info/contact-us.html

However it depends on you if you wish or not to take advantage of Ulise.dk.

Other rules :
Be nice, keep it calm, and have fun!
Companies ads are also allowed. You may promote any company, or product you wish. No stolen goods. Do not exceed in promoting other pages or websites and try not to make spam her.
Tip > Never Buy Bicycle Without Proof Of Ownership !!!

Ps: if the currency of the country where you live right now is not Danish Crones probably this is not the place where you need to be!

The rules of this group may change in time!