English Mastiff Owners

(if you do not have a pic of your dog on your page email an admin)


A group for anyone that owns a purebred English Mastiff.
Average Hgt: 27" to 32" / Average Wgt: 175 to 200 lbs
Coloring: Apricot, fawn, brindle, always with black on the muzzle, ears, and nose and around the eyes.

We have some ground rules we require you to follow. IF you feel you cannot follow these rules,then please feel free to seek out a group more to your liking.

1) Admin’s have a life and cannot be on here 24/7. If there is a problem, report the particular thread and/or pm us.
2) Keep the conversation civil, no attacking people or foul language please.
3) **NO PUPPIES FOR SALE PERIOD**, no studs or bitches looking to breed. No looking for pups to purchase please. When litter pictures are posted type in NOT FOR SALE in every litter post picture. No exceptions.
4) We love to see all breeds of molossers on here, but we do NOT condone the purposeful breeding of 2 different breeds to produce mutts.
5) If you do not like someone, block them. Be an adult about it.
6) Admins can still see your posts even if you block us, however blocking an admin may result in removal from the group.
7) It is always 100% our decision if we delete a thread or post, don't complain about it.
8) Calling Admins or other group members names will result in your removal from the group.
9) If you have nothing productive to say, please don't say it at all.
10) Don’t like a post? Don’t read it, just move on.
11) Please don’t announce you are leaving, feel free to leave at any time.
12) PLEASE re-read what you have written before you hit that enter key. Would you like to be spoken to in that manner?
13) We do NOT allow pictures of children sitting on or riding on mastiffs. It is dangerous to the child should they be bitten, and dangerous to the dog who can be crippled. This is non-negotiable.
14) Please remember when you post a picture or make a comment you will get feedback. If you don't want to hear both sides of the feedback think twice about posting.
15) NO personal fundraising posts please. Only legitimate rescues allowed.
16) NO POSTING of horrid stories about abused animals etc.
17) IF your mastiff is in distress please get them medical attention.
This group is not qualified in the medical field. We can guess and hem and haw but it's only a guess. You're dogs' life may be in danger.

We would encourage you to ask questions that allow you to learn!
---there is a great reference area in the *files* tab located under
the group banner
---there is a great search tool in the upper right corner that is a
magnifying glass icon. When you click on it you can input the
topic you are looking for and it will search the whole group.
---weight, food, spaying and neutering have been covered almost daily!
Please check first with the search option.
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