PHP programmers

The PHP Programmers Facebook group is a great place to ask your PHP related questions and show off your own website creations.

The CodeAcademy offers great lessons for basic PHP:

StackOverflow is a good website for many questions related to programming and the OS. Like a programming forum basically:

Google: answers to many questions here

This is what this group is all about:

1) You have written at least 100 lines in PHP

2)Each time you write a line, you get a parse error.

3)When something actually works, you start going crazy and dancing all over the place.

4)You have been programming for at least a week.

5)You have no idea about how Facebook managed to make all this with PHP. (it was ASP)

6)You broke your mouse a few times because the script wasn't working.

7)You have a cheap keyboard and mouse because they break all the time.

8)You envy the guy from white and nerdy.