Great sellers/buyers & Bad sellers/buyers

Hello all & welcome to Great sellers/buyers & Bad sellers.buyers :) (cleveland, ohio area & surrounding counties ONLY)

Here are a few simple rules for this group:

1. Posts may not be opinion based. They need to have facts or VERY reasonable ideas of being true. You must have the following:
*Group Name
*Name(s) of Seller/Buyer
*What happened (screen shots should be included--send to Amanda L. Rouse for file)
*whether or not you contacted admin-and did admin do anything (obviously when there is a problem in group you should let admin know)

IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE PERTINANT INFO WHEN REQUESTED YOUR POST WILL BE REMOVED--we want details and proof, not slander and rumors!

2. All bad sellers/buyers will be added to a file only by one of the Admins of this group. Anyone else editing the file will be removed.

3. We have ZERO tolerate for drama or disrespectful comments/posts in this group! Any drama or rude remarks will be removed and the poster will also be.

4. No cussing in this group!

5. The Admins from this group have the right to close any post. After the thread has been closed anyone commenting after that will be removed.

6. You cannot block any Admin of this group.

7. Lastly, no Admin bashing will be allowed!

Any questions or concerns please PM:
Eerihs Halstead
Amanda L. Rouse
Zenia Keene
Joyce Smith

DO NOT PM MORE THAN 1 Admin for a problem or question unless you have not gotten a response in over 24hrs (please send screen shot)


The admins of this group will NOT be held liable for anything said in this group. ADMINS are not responsible for what others post as this is an informational site where people come to share what has happened with their swaps. We do not do the "approved" posts as admins (MEANING these are NOT OUR COMMENTS) and do not want to be held responsible if there is a mis-communications. All contents of this website, including the Posts, design, text and graphics are owned by individuals who posted them and are protected by copyright under the laws of United States. Apart from owner use for the purpose of personal use, private studies for research, as permitted under copyright legislation, you may not reproduce, transmit, adapt, distribute, sell, modify or publish or otherwise use any of the material on this website without our prior written consent.