Star Wars 12 Backs, 20/21 Backs, and Early Vintage Collectors Group

This niche group is for early Star Wars merchandise from the late 1970s, including SW 12 backs, 20/21 backs, early bird mailers, shop displays, etc. The group is for discussing, showcasing, trading, buying and selling these early issue items made by Kenner, Palitoy, Toltoys, and others. Discussion of anything related to the first 21 loose figures is fair game as well.

We prefer that this group focus on these early items, and not anything that came out in connection with ESB, ROTJ or POTF lines from 1980 on. Any posts that don't fit this focus may be deleted and a pm sent.

Here are some simple guidelines:

(1) If you want to sell something, prices must be listed. This is not a place to solicit the best offer or pit multiple bidders against one another (go to eBay for that).

(2) We do not support the butchering of MOC figures or repros, so known U-grade or repro supporters are not welcome here.

(3) We strongly suggest that anyone that sells on this page ship no more than a week after they receive payment (frankly, within a day or two would be best) and provide tracking info to the buyer at the time of shipment. While we prefer not to get involved in how people buy and sell from one another, we reserve the right to remove any member that exhibits a pattern of late shipment or otherwise treats buyers on this page unfairly.

(4) If you scam someone on this group, any of the other Facebook groups, or on the forums, you will get a swift kick out of here. Again, this is a place intended for honest and trustworthy collectors.

(5) No non-transactional comments on anyone's for sale threads - whether or not the comment is to say you like the piece or that you don't. We may remove any comments not related to doing a deal with the seller. If you have a non-transactional comment about an item for sale, pm the seller. If you think that the item may possibly be fake or otherwise believe the seller is doing something shady, please contact any of the admins via pm. If you are CERTAIN that the item is fake, reseal, etc or the seller is a known scammer then please post and let us know.

(6) Anyone that blocks any of the four admins here will be removed from the group.

(7) For each week's Collectible of the Week (COTW), if the collectible is a figure on card or ship or playset in box, the card or box must be a SW ANH card or box (not ESB, ROTJ, POTF), since of course this is a SW ANH focus group. Any post that deviates from the focus may be removed by the admins.

(8) We believe this and other FB groups can and should be used in conjunction with and as a compliment to the already existing vintage SW collectible related sites that house much of the knowledge of our beloved hobby. As such, we encourage you to actively visit the following:


Carl, Ross, Garry, and Jeff