Re-gifting for Macon County


IF YOU HAVE NO INFORMATION ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE GROUP. NO EXCEPTIONS!! The admins are NOT responsible or liable for transfer of ownership of the items that are listed on this page!! *BUY/SELL/TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK!*

Please, remember to check the item BEFORE purchasing it!

*~*~*~*~* RULES *~*~*~*~*

1) MUST live/work OR COME TO Macon County to buy/sell an item.
2) Keep it clean. NO cussing, bashing, or name calling.
3) Please be respectful of others. If you are not interested in the item please let them know. Also do NOT comment it if you are not interested keep all snide comments and opinions to your self!

4) NO FOOD or DRINKS. This includes baby formula, jar food, vitamins, supplements, weight loss products, tobacco and alcohol.NO CRIBS NO CARSEATS this includes travel systems infant carries/seats booster seats convertible seats! NO crib bumpers or breast pumps! No diapers sold or ISO.

5) Pity posts will NOT be tolerated!!
6) Under selling is NOT allowed and is an instant ban.

7) Please make an album when posting MORE than 3 photos. IF you are posting from your phone, DO NOT post more than 3 photos. NO exceptions

8) The sale of copied (pirated) DVDs and CDs is NOT allowed. You ARE NOT allowed to post knock off items of any kind! Sale of knock off items is NOT allowed.

9) Blocking an admin will result in an instant ban. If you block me I can see that you have blocked me :)

10) BE SURE the item(s) you are selling are YOURS or you have permission to sell.

11) Please no make offer/OBO posts...there MUST be a price. Any OBO posts will be deleted, no exceptions. Also, any posts with no price period will be deleted, no exceptions.

12) Please go in in the order of interest...there is no 1st come, 1st serve. Also, no curbside posts. Items listed in other groups should be noted as crossposted. Announce when your items are pending pick up (ppu). MUST PUT INTERESTED in comment just because you ask a question does NOT count.

13) NO SHOWS - First no show you will get a warning, 2nd no show you will be removed from the group. Communications from both parties OR communication showing communication between both parties needs to be provided

14) ANIMALS are allowed to be posted BUT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL CATS OR DOGS UNDER THE AGE 8 WEEKS in this group! YOU will be instantly banned!

15) You are welcome to re-sell an item you bought in a group for what you paid for it, not for MORE than what you paid for it.

Bumping every 12 hours. Give buyers 5 hours to respond, not 24 hours as previously, to make arrangements. You may move on after 5hours not hearing from a potential buyer.

*Be sure to check your 'other' messages under the messages file. Messages sent from members that are not your friend, usually end up there.*

*Thank you for your cooperation, and happy selling/buying!!*