Rangemaster is a comprehensive training facility with a diverse curriculum of practical instruction involving various weapon systems. We offer over 30 different courses, clinics, and speciality seminars covering a wide range of material beyond the basic permit certification course.

Tom Givens and his many renowned guest instructors can provide the serious student with hands-on tactical training and mental preparation for the not-so-unlikely event that you are forced to defend your life or your family in the real world.

In 2009, Rangemaster was again approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety as a school to train and certify State Certified Handgun Instructors in Tennessee. Rangemaster is one of only two schools in the entire state approved to certify instructors for the state's Handgun Carry Permit program. This month, we received final approval to do the same for the state of Oklahoma. We are the only private school approved to train and certify SDA* instructors in Oklahoma.

*SDA Self Defense Act This is what Oklahoma calls their handgun carry permit program.