The Poker Room

The Poker Room House Rules

1) 8 player max

2) 25c/50c Blinds

3) $25 Min Buy-In/$75 Max Buy-In

4) Players may build their stack up to $75 at any time

5) Players are asked to announce 30 min ahead of time that they are leaving

6) A called hand may ask to be shown

7) Checked river hands are shown in betting order

8) A new player can enter the game in 2 ways: Wait for the big blind or post a big blind from any seat besides the small blind and the button

9) A player coming back from a break must post all blinds missed (50c or 75c) but only the minimum bet (50c) can be part of the players opening bet

10) No string betting

11) Verbal bets are binding

12) The "One Chip Rule" applies: A player may make a call or bet with a larger chip (without a verbal raise) and make change from the pot once the betting round is over.

13) A raise must at least match the previous bet (player A bets $2, so player B must raise by at least $2). A re-raise must also match the previous raise (player A bets $1.50; player B raises to $5; now player C must re-raise to $8.50 at least).