Atlantic Photographers Education Group

Important. Read this before requesting to join the group.... We get dozens of requests every day to join this group, so unless we see something in your profile that indicates:

A) your involvement in the photographic industry, regardless of skill level
B) you live in Atlantic Canada or have been involved in our Mod Squad workshops as an instructor or vendor

So, if your Facebook privacy settings don't allow us to view your profile to determine if you meet these minimal requirements, you will not be added..sorry!!! hard feelings..

Update: If your request has been denied and you believe it should be approved, please message an admin and explain why. Repeated requests without any explanation will just continue to be denied.

This group was formed to provide dialogue in the field of photography and topics related to photography.

Moderation is minimal.'s your reputation, it's your responsibility.

But remember, this isn't high school.

Be respectful and welcome others opinions. *** Differing opinions are to be expected and respected. To be clear. Personal attacks in any form will not be tolerated and deletion from the group may or may not be preceded by a warning at the discretion of the group admins. ***

Everyone's welcome....Professional and Hobbyist

Photo when we post images for all to see and sometimes critique. You can post images any time, but encourage sharing specifically on Photo Friday.

The Educational Event of the year, called the Mod Squad is held in Halifax at Shadow House Studio. The 2014 was a huge success and we are planning the next "MiniMod" right now. For more information as it is available, visit