All party group, to have issue based socio-political discussion ...without mud slinging.
No abusive language will be tolerated and any member not following will be removed without warning.
Let's keep the pigs clean.
Admin must be able to read all posts/comments on the group wall, therefore, it is important that all members alter their privacy settings accordingly.
Please do not post any pictures or U-Tube material that is not 100% authentic.

Seven points for a productive discussion....
1) Don’t expect a negative reaction... the other side cares about the common goal too.
2) Don’t begin a debate... Don’t bait someone into an argument just to show off your critical thinking skills.
3) Keep your points short and simple... people are busy. Anything longer than 10 lines probably be skipped by many...
4) Don’t talk about the people, personal stuff never goes anywhere.
5) Don’t make it about them... keep it to the progressive ideas and issues.
6) Don’t denigrate a party — any party. Generalizations never work.
7) Don’t forget to talk about the bigger picture, the ideas, the corruption, the jobs, the economy, the infrastructure, Justice, Humanism.

8) We must rise above the biases of caste, creed, colour, religion, sex or political party affiliation. There will be ZERO tolerance in this regard. Any reference to above must be avoided when addressing other members personally.

10) Everyone with proper ID is welcome to the group without prejudice and therefore it is only fair that we expect responsible behavior from respected members.

This group is dedicated to discuss issues of relevance to India and its politics. All shades of opinion are welcome and allowed free expression, of course within the limits of decency.

We are generally tolerant and rarely intervene in threads trusting members, most of whom are mature to sort things by themselves. It is heartening that most members have internalised the Norms of the group and rarely give chance for admins to complain ,sorting out minor differences on their own.

The group does not have an official political stand of its own and admins when they comment they do it In their individual capacity. However of late many have blamed admins of being harsh on members of a particular shade of opinion .

Therefore just to clarify that the policy is clear ,

1) No foul language against fellow members

2) Not taking pot-shots at members behind the refuge of false IDs

are the two core principles of this forum.