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Our Head Chef's Writers:
Donald Marcano
Videsh Paltoo
Ria Toby
Mzz Vikki
Carmen Solano.
Dacre Guevara
Tina D,Ramnath.
Elton Jack.
Susan Bobb
Ann Mc Carthy
Merle Cumberbatch
Nicole Dyer
Rory Acevero
Lystra Nurse
Kariba Tevin Edwards
Rick Ramnath

List of our admins:

Glen Ram-Bharack
Added by Esbert Briggs about 3 months ago

Esbert Briggs
San Fernando East Secondary School
Joined over a year ago

Mzz Trini
Marabella Senior Comprehensive
Added by Glen Ram-Bharack about 3 months ago

Allesha Ali
Tunapuna Government Secondary School
Added by Glen Ram-Bharack over a year ago

Nicky Richards
Works at I work for the Lord
Added by Esbert Briggs over a year ago

Merle Cumberbatch
Holy Faith Convent, Couva
Added by Glen Ram-Bharack over a year ago

Ann Mc Carthy
Cairns State High School
Added by Angela Marcelle-Figaro about 4 months ago

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Our Food page is a forum where our members post their delicious food, dessert, snacks, recipes and helpful/healthy food tips. The group welcomes any types of food and doesn't discriminate anyone's food as we all would like to share our food and learn from other cultures as well. You are sure to view different varieties of food and recipes that may be inspiring or interesting to you. For those who love Caribbean food, feel free to enjoy and ask for recipes. Come one and all and feel free to share your delicious food/recipes with us. Welcome and do enjoy!

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