Kanawha County Yard Sale *One man's junk is another man's treasure*


If you wish to sell something, please list the price first, location second and details third.

In search of and looking for...posts are more than welcome also when kept to a minimum.

I am currently going to leave membership open so that you can add your own friends to the site if you like.

For example on details:

The more details you provide, the better chance you have to sell your item quickly. Anyone may join, just keep in mind that this might be the area you would have to meet someone in to buy or sell.

Most people aren't aware that they have to click on the pic to see info, its a good idea to place info on the first comment of your items when possible.

This page is an outlet for the public to buy and sell items and is not responsible for any transactions that occur. If you meet with someone to buy an item, meet in a public place. If you go to someone's home to view an item, take someone with you or have the item brought outside when possible. Be safe!

Please do not sell Baby Beds/Cribs on here unless they meet current Child Saftey Standards.

No auctions please.

Please do not sell firearms on this site. Kanawha County Yard Sale *One man's junk is another man's treasure* will not accept any responsibility for the posting, sale or actions of any items sold on this page up to and including firearms.

If you plan to charge someone a fee for delivery and/or gas. Be up front about it.

If something sounds like a "shady deal", it probably is...say no thanks and move on.

If you have a sale pending or something sold, write pending or sold in the comment section please. When your transactions are complete, please remove them in a timely manner.

Please do not list on here soley for advertising. If you do, both you and your posts will be deleted instantly and banned from the site. Pardon the way that is written, when someone voluntarily runs a group, we don't have time to give out "warnings" or keep track of people that don't show enough respect to take 30 seconds to read the site rules.

No bickering and commenting on other people's posts unless you are interested in buying their item.

Everyone is welcome if they are professional on here.

Finally, THIS IS A "YARD SALE" PAGE, not a place for you to run your online business and have things shipped, etc.

If you have auto's or homes for rent or sell, please join or sister page, the rules are the same except that the page is strictly for autos and homes. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/500404046652764/

Thank You & Happy Selling!