Truckers With Pride!!

A page aimed at drivers of all ages, that not only do the job for a wage... But they do it because it's who they are, its all they know, it's their love, passion and pleasure.

Feel free to upload your pics of your trucks, ask questions, share tips on cleaning and get to know other people with diesel in their veins and polish behind their nails ;)

PLEASE NOTE: THIS SITE IS DEDICATED TO DRIVERS WHO LOOK AFTER THEIR TRUCKS/VANS AND PUT ALOT OF TIME/EFFORT AND MONEY INTO THEM.... We do not accept posts that are not related to the group content and they WILL be removed!! (please do not get offended when we take them down).

We all get along on this page and we all share the same passion, so please do not join the group if you are a "keyboard warrior/internet troll" or just like to cause friction between members... YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BLOKED.


Tom "Magpie" Rathmell