WordPress for the Non-Technical

You have a business to build, or you just want to play with a blog. You're not technical and you don't want to be. Heck, you own a car but you don't fix it yourself. That's what mechanics are for. But where do you find a good mechanic that won't take advantage of you. After all, you have no idea what a framitz is and whether it should be $20 or $2000 and whether your car really needs it replaced now.

WordPress is one of the fastest growing, and probably best, choices for building your online website or blog. But if you're not technical, how do you know what, and how, to use it and, if you make mistakes, how to get them fixed. That's what this group is all about. Plain talk about WordPress for those who want to spend more time doing what they like and less time fiddling with their website or blog.

In this group it is fair to share your own website and blog URLs, URLs to relevant, useful, sites belonging to others, and your own commercial offerings. Please don't flood the site with affiliate links, however.