London Longboards

The home of the Longboarding community in London, UK

Regular spots:
Crystal Palace Park:
Hyde Park:
Hog Hill:
Ninja Hill:
Victoria Park:
Ballet Hill:
Stockwell Skatepark:

A few forum rules:
Don't delete a post that people have replied to
Don't insult (No racism, homophobia, sexism etc.)

Please keep helmet discussion in the helmet debate doc on the files tab. What you're about to type has most likely been repeated 20 times before. We are pro-helmet but we're not your mum ;)

No direct selling from retailers please. Sponsoring an event, got an informative blog post; post it. Just got some new wheels in? No thankyou.

If you would like to post up some items for sale either use our document here:

Also check out this group for selling/buying/trading stuff:
Any posts outside these areas will be deleted to make relevant london shenanigans viewable again.

Also, think carefully before posting irrelevant links, we're being heavily spammed at the moment and the ban hammer is in full swing...