MRI and Medical Imaging

On December 2, 2014 at RSNA 2014, GE Healthcare introduced a new 510(k) pending 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, SIGNA Explorer. This innovative system is designed to help clinicians improve workflow, lower cost of ownership and impact patient comfort use 34 percent less power than previous generation MRI systems and require a smaller footprint for installation all at the same time.
GE Signa Explorer covers an impressive range of productivity-enhancing applications: "eyes to thighs" coverage, neuro performance with automated motion correction, MSK performance with cartilage mapping, multi-planar body imaging with quantitative capabilities and vascular performance with non-contrast and automated time-resolved imaging. SIGNA Explorer also helps clinicians save time with an automated workflow - including volumetric imaging acquisitions like Cube, automated brain exams via READY Brain, and simplified whole body diffusion imaging. OpTix Optical RF technology also can help boost image quality with premium analog to digital signal conversion that can provide a gain in SNR of up to 27 percent over conventional analog signal receivers.
It also adds patient-comfort touch: SilentScan neuro exam and MAVRIC SL. SilentScan, GE Healthcare's revolutionary quiet technology, takes patient comfort to a new level. Conventional MRI scanners can generate noise in excess of 110 decibels. The Silenz pulse sequence dramatically reduces the scan to just three dBA above ambient noise for neuro exams, a major differentiator for patient comfort. MAVRIC SL brings the power of MRI to patients with metal implants by enabling visualization of soft tissue and bone near the implant.