Wentworth cast on the inside
The 10-part reimagining of Prisoner, will reboot established characters and introduce new ones in the fictional Wentworth Detention Centre and will shake off the original series’ reputation for wafer-thin sets and occasionally over-the-top performances.
With significant changes from its original premise, it will also ask fans to re-think their memories of iconic characters in order to breathe a contemporary life into the ambitious show.
Some characters have been given new roles, such as Meg Jackson becoming Governor and Erica Davidson now pitched as a lawyer. The role of Doreen Anderson, originally played by Colette Mann, is now an Indigenous character. Officer Jim Fletcher is now Officer Matthew Fletcher.
The series will be shot on a purpose built prison set in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton and employ in excess of 300 cast and crew. So far none of the original Prisoner cast have been announced in cameo roles, or attached to the project, despite Val Lehman indicating she was keen to return in the role of the Governor.
please don't post spoiler pics but you can post links to the series without spoiling members enjoyment who haven't seen the new series yet or cant access spoilers .