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Turou! Turou! Turou!
Oro mai! Oro mai! Oro mai!
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The Cook Islands Is An Open

What to post: Old or new photos from the Cook Islands; Reunion, wedding, school photos; dance shows in your area, either in the Cook Islands or overseas; Pics of Cook Islanders here or overseas; community meetings here or overseas; news from the Cook Islands; sports; etc.

"Show respect to everyone in the group, No bad language is to be used against anyone, and no rude pics, money loaning, advertising of products which we find are scams, and the Group is not to be used, if you're looking for a relationship etc be posted which will only cause trouble which already exist on other pages and some find offending."

So happy posting everyone.

Kia mataora ta kotou pukapuka i runga i teia ngai aravei anga.

Thank you maata

The COOK ISLANDS is a group of 15 tiny islands + 2 REEFS, in the South Pacific Ocean.

The Cook Islands still remains an unspoilt destination, with some of it's islands being so remote, that only a few have had the chance to venture across the vast pacific ocean to visit these islands.

Rarotonga is the capital island of the group and the youngest island. It is also the port for International flights from Los Angeles, Tahiti, New Zealand, and the Sydney to Rarotonga direct flight.

Air Rarotonga is the Cook Islands Airline for flights to the outer islands of Aitutaki, Mangaia, Atiu, Mauke and Mitiaro. There are also occasional flights to Pukapuka, Manihiki, and Penrhyn, but not frequent.

Air Tahiti Nui flies in and out of Rarotonga once a week, on Thursdays.

The Cook Islands are separated into two groups:

The Southern Groups are-

Rarotonga - Tumutevarovaro, is the capital of the Cook Islands; Mangaia - Au'au Enua, is the second largest island; Aitutaki - Araura Enua;
( These next 3 islands are known by their combined name Nga Pu Toru - Atiu - Enua Manu, Land of the birds; Mauke - Akatokamanava, Garden of the islands; Mitiaro - Nukuroa, Face of the ocean );
Manuae is a sanctuary; Takutea is a sanctuary; and Palmerston is a settlement for the William Marsters family

The Northern Groups are-

Pukapuka - Island of beautiful girls; Manihiki - Island of Pearls; Rakahanga - The undiscovered island; Penrhyn - Tongareva; Suwarrow - Treasure Island, A conservation reserve; and Nassau - Garden of Eden...