Jeep Owners Of Central Arkansas

Jeep Owners of Central Arkansas started in December, 2012, when David Starbuck created a facebook group to find like-minded Jeep owners that wanted to go on rides together, help out with mods, share expertise, and hang out with families. Though we are not exclusively a Christian Jeep club, the leadership of the group are Christians and promote Christian ideals and behavior on the trail. We strive to be family friendly and kids are always encouraged to come along and enjoy the fun.

JOCA Executive Administrators:
David Starbuck - President
Richard Moffett - Vice President
Ryan Lindsey - P.R. / Merchandising
Erin Starbuck - Secretary
Dawn Moffett - Treasurer
Richard Brown - P.R. / Event Coordinator

Trail Rides:
Official JOCA trail rides are scheduled once a month in a variety of locations across the Ozark and Ouchita Mountains. The primary goal is to explore the natural ruggedness and beauty our state has to offer. Trips to our off-road parks and out of state trips will also occur during the year. Anyone can post a trail ride on our facebook page and get a group together for a good time. Official trail rides will be hosted by our executive members and include prizes and give-aways on the ride. Official trail rides will also be open to everyone and doable in a stock Jeep.

Wrenching Parties:
Working on your Jeep is half the fun of owning one. We get together as needed, when there is a need, and help each other out with lifts, winches, bumpers, rock rails, fender chops, etc. We always have a lot of fun modding our Jeeps. If you have a need, just post it on our facebook page and people will always help.

Who Can Join?
Anyone with a Jeep vehicle can join JOCA. We do not discriminate on the type of Jeep and we have everything from stock to heavily modded Jeeps in our group. Dues are $50 per year and you get two JOCA decal with your membership.

What if I've never been off-road before?
No problem. The club has many members, all with different levels of experience. Some are just learning the basics of off-roading, while others have been doing it for years. Special care is taken on every trail ride to advise newcomers and teach some basic four-wheeling.

What if I have no intention of going off-road. Can I still join?
Absolutely! We are a Jeep club, not an off-road club, though many of us do love to do that. Others just love to take the top off and cruise down the pavement and that's fine too.